Drive on waste. An alternative to petroleum fuel

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Here can download for free photos, videos and the English manual of Drive on waste to built a waste gasifier for an electric motor-generator or a truck/car. Also there is some extra information in my Facebook: DRIVEONWASTE.

Photo of the Ford Falcon Ranchero with the gasifier equipment mounted in the vehicle’s bed.

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What’s up?

Engineer Edmundo Ramos will be sharing insights about his groundbreaking project – the ‘Waste-Powered Vehicle.’ It’s a zero-emission marvel that contributes 20% oxygen to the environment while running on ‘Gasura.’ Whether it’s a gasoline-powered car, an electric generator, agricultural machinery, a water extraction pump, or even for heating and cooking, ‘Gasura’ can be used in various applications.

You will find FREE:

  1. Project blueprints: Empower yourself to reduce gasoline consumption and emissions by applying this innovative technology to your needs.
  2. Anecdotes from his journey spanning from La Quiaca to Cabo Vírgenes in the ‘Waste-Powered Vehicle (soon).

Throughout this incredible journey, Edmundo has encountered:

  • Press coverage
  • Generous individuals who supported the initiative with enthusiasm and waste contributions
  • Unforgettable landscapes and scenic spots
  • Challenges that led to improvements in the prototype

Imagine a better world with the ‘Waste-Powered Vehicle.’

During the pandemic, we witnessed the possibility of a healthier world – wildlife reclaiming streets, rivers, lakes, and seas regaining their natural beauty, and historic reductions in environmental toxicity levels. The pandemic delivered a clear message about nature’s resilience.

Now is the time to take action. We can’t afford to wait any longer.

Practical, proven ideas can provide solutions to the excess of toxic emissions our vehicles release into the atmosphere every day.

We believe it’s possible with the right knowledge, expert guidance, and experience. That’s why our platform aims to educate, inform, and inspire.

Join us in our mission to improve the environment and reduce gasoline use. Help us spread the word!

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“May all of this be for the glory of God.”


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